Want You Back at Home

It's Only You

Love is like a house with many rooms ( living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, toilet etc). Sex is like a bed, one of those things inside the bedroom. The fact is that not every house is meant to have a bedroom and a bed. Some houses are offices, supermarkets, religious centers, hotels, libraries, schools and others as family dwelling places.

The love between a couple is therefore, that LOVE HOUSE, where the 2 of them meet the mutual needs of the Love Living Room, Love Bathroom, Love Kitchen, Love Bedroom (with Bed(SEX)), Love Toilet and so on, needed by both of them to live happily and achieve their purposes in life . LOVE IS NOT SEX!

Couples can multi-task but then they must not forget what the LOVE Living Room, Love Kitchen, Love Bathroom and so on are created for and they must meet the needs inside those rooms. lol

When a couple provides water, bathtub, shower gel inside a Bathroom in a HOUSE, both of them have WHAT IT TAKES to have a Bath. Although they may have sex in a Bathroom, the absence of those things needed to have a bath in a bathroom does not make SEX in a bathroom a BATH. LOL

LOVE is simply meeting the needs of oneself and other people to be happy, healthy and safe.