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Sunday Jolayemi is a soulful songwriter, composer and singer based in Cheshire United Kingdom. 

Sunday is a holder of Bachelor of Technology degree in Applied Geology, Federal University of Technology, Akure in Ondo State of Nigeria and also a Master of Science degree in Internet and Multimedia Engineering, London South Bank University, United Kingdom.

Although Sunday had training also in Basic Media and Audio Engineering at School of Audio Engineering(SAE Institute) in London, It is note-worthy that he had no formal training in music but has successfully developed the talent by a dint of hard work, dedication, and association with colleagues in the music industry.

Sunday has been singing, writing and composing songs since his childhood with tens of songs to his credit. Some of the songs include 'Want You Back at Home', 'It's Only You', 'How Do I Live', 'All For Love', In Love With You'', 'Lord I thank You', 'Give', 'If You Believe', 'I Will Miss You', 'My Love Song For Jesus', 'Everybody Talks About You', 'Mama and Papa Song', 'You Are Not Alone', 'Sometimes' etc.

His role models are people that sing meaningful and inspirational songs. 

He has also used his songwriting, composition and singing abilities to contribute to the development of young people in the Borough of Westminster, London which later earned him an award in recognition of his voluntary contribution to young people's education, Westminster Study Support Programme, City of Westminster (2005).

Jolayemi plays piano and collaborate with other singers and music producers.